What our student-athletes, parents, and coaches are saying about Empowered 4 Life.

"Derrick, what E4L teaches the students is phenomenal! The students are being taught leadership on another level. "
Coach Wallace
Head Coach
LaGrange College Boys Basketball
"I was so amazed about how you make it a requirement for your students to volunteer and give back to their community."
Coach Josh Brown
Head Coach
Covenant College Boys Basketball
"I always love to come down and check out E4L Athletes."
Coach King
Benedict College
Assistant Football Coach
"The opportunities you give E4L sets them up for success."
Coach Jake Copeland
Heritage School
Athletic Director
"Thank you for always being there for my son. Even though you are two hours away, my son was determined to come to Newnan to train with you guys."
David Knowles
Parent of Clark Atlanta Graduate
"You was like a big brother to me as E4L always made sure that all of the athletes was good on and off the field."
Jamal Ransby
Newnan High Alum
Georgia State Graduate/US Army
"Thank you for always supporting me and my brother."
Lendell Arnold
Newnan High Alum
Mercer Graduate
"Empowered 4 Life has been instrumental in Christian's growth and success."
Angie Reid
Parent of Virginia Union Graduate
"I never have an issue making a long drive to Newnan to check out your kid's as they are always top notch student-athletes."
Coach Calvin Randall
Fayetteville State University
"You have always been there for me and my entire family."
Alec Ogletree
Newnan High Alum
UGA Graduate
2013 NFL Draft Pick
"I owe so much of my success to Empowered 4 Life as you guys have always believed in me."
Avery Sebastian
Eagles Landing Alum
Notre Dame Graduate
"Empowered 4 Life really assisted me in my growth as a man."
Alan Bonner
Newnan High Alum
Jacksonville State Graduate
2013 NFL Draft Pick
"Empowered 4 Life was God send as you have always believed in my abilities."
DJ Brown
Creekside Alum
Louisiana Tech Signee
"Empowered 4 Life gave me so much confidence to be a leader on my team and in society."
Ray Beno
Newnan High Alum
Georgia Tech Graduate
"Empowered 4 Life is a real blessing and they have a true open-door policy to all of the student-athletes."
Ron Wroble
Newnan High Alum
UGA Graduate
"You are a gift from God...what you do for these kids is amazing!"
Coach Harris
Parent of GA Tech and Furman Signee
"Derrick, I must say that I'm so honored to finally have the opportunity to meet and know you...God has truly blessed you with a gift of reaching people."
Eric Geter Jr.
Newnan High Alum
Parent of West Virginia State Signees
Clemson University Grad
1993 NFL Draft Pick
"I am so thankful for E4L as you believed in me when others didn't. I know I wouldn't have this opportunity if it wasn't for Empowered 4 Life."
RoJuan Dukes
Forest Park High Alum
Johnson C. Smith Signee
"Empowered 4 Life students are so well prepared and you can tell that they are mentored to be successful in life."
Coach Tyler Kenney
University of St. Francis
"I never had a school contact me until I became a part of E4L. I ended up with offers within two weeks after meeting you."
London McCall
Mundy Mills Alum
Northeastern State Signee
"E4L is an example of true work...for God's Kingdom. It should be a documentary on the Empowered 4 Life ministry."
Ayanna Jarrett
Parent of Boise State Signee
"I have never met anyone like you. You teach the student-athletes more than athletics. I was shocked that you did seminars with the athletes as you really challenge them mentally. I was really blown away by the anti-bullying/suicide seminar."
Chico Ward Sr.
Parent of UVA Lynchburg Signee
"I am so thankful that my son is a part of your organization as he's been wanting to be a part of E4L every since he heard you speak at the high school."
Andrea Neal
Parent of Reinhardt Signee
"You're the best mentor and I am so grateful for all the things you have taught me. You really believed in my talents on and off the field."
Gerald Green
East Coweta Alum
Georgia Southern Signee
"You are a gift! I can't say enough words on how you assisted us in preparing Kamari for life."
Jawarin Britt
Parent of Lane University Graduate
"I love your honesty at our initial conversation and I love how detailed you are with your film editing as you did a great job of pinpointing his best hits."
Larry Jackson
Parent of University of Pikeville Signee
"Empowered 4 Life always go above and beyond to prepare your students mentally, physically, and spiritually."
Karessa Smith
Parent of Newnan High 2023 Graduate
"We are glad to be on this journey as we will trust God and Trust the Process."
Pierce Colton
Parent of East Coweta High 2023 Graduate
"I am so thankful for my boys being a part of E4L."
Kimberly Hollis
Parent of Charleston Southern & Virginia Union Signees

We would love to hear feedback on how Empowered 4 Life has influenced you and/or your family. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.